Should you wish to plan an event with us, be it small or on a larger scale, we are always open for new ideas and will assist you with any personal request you may have.

We listen very carefully and together we always achieve the best solutions for you and for us.

You see, we are very spontaneous and this is what we believe, creates an unforgettable feeling and atmosphere. No ordinary day with us is ever dull or boring. Come and visit us, talk to us and enjoy a couple of hours with us and find out for yourself  how we best fit together.

As many guests have told over the years:
Arriving at Schloss Soergenloch is like coming home. We slow down, we sit outside on the terrace and admire the amazing views of the rolling hills of Rheinhessen, enjoy the sun, a glass of locally grown Riesling, a piece of the delicious Schloss

Flammkuchen, meet people from all around the world and leave as happy as can possible be.