We love all the daily things that make life more enjoyable. Of course we have a craze for good food, fresh with seasonable ingredients, down to earth but yet wonderfully refined by our chefs. We also search and offer the best suitable wines for you and very often our friends, the winegrowers, personally present and explain their wines in our wine bar. We always have a small, but fine selection of these wines available for you to buy and take home. But, by all means, we do not stop here: We thrive to create an atmosphere which will inspire you, as our guests, by offering art, theatre, music, lectures, wine tastings and tastings of rare and special whiskies and other specialities from around the world.

Our vegetables are grown for us by local farmers. Our sausages are supplied to us by one of the best butchers in Germany from Wachenheim. Coffee is roasted by a boutique supplier from the Moselle. As you can see, we source and buy our products where we can get the best quality for you and where we can make sure that small, individual producers have a future.