A meal will only ever be as good as its ingredients. That is why we are constantly on the look out and search for the best that nature has to offer. Olive oil from Sicily, vegetables grown by local farmers for us, free range duck from the Lüneburger Heide in the north of Germany, bread from the best local baker and of course our own biologically grown herbs and spices to name just a few examples.

Our chef de cuisine – Daniel Nöller – and his team always aim to surprise you with unusual combinations and daring and exiting new compositions. Mediterranean, exotic or Regional (rheinhessisch) are his themes. The main emphasis lies on the natural aromas of all base products and the delicate use of our own herbs and spices. All our dishes are put together with great love for detail and with great passion. Our aim is to create the best authentic food for your pleasure. As it is far too difficult to find the right words to explain – delicious taste – why not just come and taste for yourself?

VivArt and other Life Style Magazines describe our cuisine as: Precise – clear – but at the same time most sensitive. In other words the cuisine for all your senses.